Shaolin Kung Fu from China

Traditional and modern Kung Fu

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Shaolin Legend Group

‘’Heroes of Martial Arts’’

Bruce Lee, Chaky Chan, Jet Lee and The Matrix are well-known names from the action movie world. They all use the spectacular, traditional Kung Fu techniques from centuries ago, developed at the Shaolin Temple in China. ‘’The Heroes of Martial Arts'' is a stunning show in which movie shots from the above mentioned actors will give the atmosphere for the different scenes.
Our Chinese top artists are performing the mystic Kung Fu, the concentrated Tai Chi, the powerful Chi Kung and the surprising Chinese acrobatics.

Of course we start with spectacular exercises in the Shaolin Temple like breaking iron on the head, group choreographies and practicing the traditional weapons. Hereafter the show follows with modern scenes inspired on the above mentioned movie heroes.
Changing of costumes, visuals and matching music will give the right atmospheres.

The performance shows that the ancient Kung Fu techniques are still popular and used now days all over the world.
The group members are acting regularly in Chinese movies and some of them had the pleasure to work with Chaky Chan.

Video clips: click on 'video' above and / or look on youtube: ipatheater - heroes of martial arts - shaolin legend group 2009